Valtra tractor with vario transmission and forestry upgrade, which includes: front winch installation, forest protection around the cab, chassis protection, rear board and crane installation.
– Finnish engine Sisu Diesel power from 125KM onwards
– automatic or hydrostatic gearbox
– Nokian professional forestry tires for perfect grip and long life
– reinforced rims of a recognised GKN manufacturer
– steel tank
– electrohydraulic invertor
– cabin protection
– front installation of winch – steel rope under the cab, rapid disassembly, possibility of using three-point frontal hydraulics
– built-in crane with a range of 8.5 m
– elevator rapid dismantling system
– control the lift from the cabin with mini joystics, the functions of which are set via the screen
– rear desk and pulleys with directional pulleys and own production devices
– a quick-detachable rear desk that allows us to connect and disconnect the trailer quickly
– separate hydraulic system for the propulsion of re-operating devices
– hydraulic valves of the retracting devices of their own production to better maintain the tension of the rope during free-to-air and free cable winding
– installation for trailer
– chainsaw holder
– weight of 10550 kg without crane